jeudi 30 janvier 2014


30 janvier 2014

I am still wondering about, what happened in the Rwanda war that started the 1st October 1990 up to now. President Paul Kagame continues to accuse Hutus of having committed a genocide against tutsi population in 1994. 

Therefore I want to know who is a liar and who is telling the truth between hutu population and Paul Kagame. Moreover I want rwandans to rethink the Rwandan war that killed millions of our loved ones.

Venant Ntakirutimana together with rwandan children in the jungles of DRC

President Paul Kagame is continuing to send his troops to DRC to hunt and kill all of them, just because mr. president Paul Kagame thinks that hutus do not have right to live as tutsis do. 

He doesn’t think that they are innocent people who have Fundamental Rights and Basic Freedoms like himself or like his own wife and children .

I was also one of the millions of hutu refugees who fled to RDCcongo in 1994, who can tell about what i saw! But in 1997 I was lucky to escape with many unthinkable and horrific tragedies.

I am remembering those horrific tragedies as if they were happenned yesterday. Even though it is still real dangerous and risky to travel to Congo, it was necessary for me to do it last summer 2013. I was there In Jungles of the Congo to visit my people that I left back there in 1997. 

I went there because I wanted to be compassionate with these children of God, that have been hunted by the Rwanda government and they have also been forgotten by the International Community since 1997.

When I arrived there, they told me that from 1996 to 2013 president of Rwanda Paul Kagame was continuing to send his troops into the jungles of the Congo to hunter and kill all Hutu refugees and some congolease people! 

And many of these refugiees are murdered by Paul Kagame who is egoist with Double Moral. In my point of view, Paul Kagame is a new « African Adolf Hitler » and I think that he can not see the difference between good/right and bad/wrong.

He has killed more than 10 million of innocent children, women and people who have nothing to do with politics. He has killed Infants, Pregnant women, sick people and old people. He has killed my family and my loved ones during the last 23 years.

President Paul Kagame is happy to continue to commit crimes against humanity in Rwanda, in Congo and also around the world. In 2010 United Nations (UN) report accuses Rwandan troops (RDF) of committing genocide in the Congo, but since that time nothing has been done to stop Paul Kagame ‘s war crimes and crimes against humanity. 

No one dares to say anything about Paul Kagame’ many crimes, but this behavior of the international community does not surprise me, because of this assertion of how the Rwanda war started:

As it was published by in 2010, Bill Clinton came into Oval Office at the right time and with the right people. But he made a big mistake, choosing an uneducated man and former child soldier: Paul Kagame. 

On October 1st,1990, as Rwanda President Juvénal Habyarimana refused to betray the French, the Pentagon decided to invade Rwanda via Uganda, hiding behind RPF rebellion. 

That day, Rwanda President Juvénal Habyarimana was in Wash…ington and the U.S. State Department offered him asylum in exchange of giving all powers to Kagame RPF.

The President turned down the offer and went back to Rwanda. From October 1990 to January 1993, the Pentagon (Dick Cheny, Colin Powell) assisted Kagame, giving him all what he needed to overthrow the Rwanda government. 

But as France landed its troops in Rwanda to push for negociations and democracy between Rwandan government and Kagame RPF, Washington realized it will not be possible to invade Congo with a democratic government in Rwanda: Washington needed a proxy man in Rwanda.

Here comes in a plan B: assassinating Hutu Leaders! In September 1993, Bill Clinton ordered the Pentagon and the CIA to help Kagame to assassiante the Hutu President of Burundi, Melchior Ndadaye, Rwanda neighbour and ally of France. 

On October 20th,1993, Kagame with his death squads and CIA agents flew to Bujumbura: President Melchior Ndadaye was assassinated, cut to pieces with knives; the Kagame way of killing his victims.

When Kagame went back to Kampala few days after from his evil mission in Bujunbura, he was received by Brian Atwood, the USAID Director, to finalize the plan of assassinating Rwanda President Juvénal Habyarimana. 

As an informer can recall today, Kagame was reluctant and warned of a cataclysme in Rwanda if President Habyarimana had to be killed like Burundian Ndadaye. But Bill Clinton, throught his Ambassador George Moose, told Kagame that assassinating Habyarimana was the only way to win the war quiclky.

The CIA estimated 50 thousands of people to be killed as a consequence of Habyarimana assassination, an acceptable sacrifice and a good price to pay for a just cause. 

The Pentagon promised to provide everything Kagame needed, including intelligence and military assistance. Kagame accepted the the risk and invited Lizinde and Kanyarengwe, two Hutu rebels and former allies of President Habyarimana, to put in place a plan of assassination.

Alex Kanyarengwe suggested a shooting down of Habyarimana aircraft and Théoneste Lizinde indicated the best location to shoot the presidential jet: Masaka Hill, around Kanomber Airport. 

In December 1993, Kagame met once again with Brian Atwood, Prudence Bushnell and U.S. Ambassador George Moose: «Tell Clinton I need money and weapons», a high ranking RPF official in exile can recall today.

Bill Clinton, via Kampala, provided everything to Kagame rebellion: money, men, intelligence and weapons were flown in by C130 Hercules. Political tactics to kill Habyarimana were carried out by Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni on Clinton request. Tanzanian President Hassan Mwinyi joined the plot and President Habyarimana was forced out to fly to Dar-Es-Salaam on april 6th,1994, for an infamous meeting: He will never come back home.

So, what happened that day? On April 6th,1994, Bill Clinton ordered the Pentagon to send 450 U.S. rangers to Burundi to help CIA agents in Rwanda to execute the assassination smoothly. 

That day, in morning, Madaleine Albright, the Clinton Ambassador to the U.N., ordered General Romeo Dallaire (from Canada), who was in Rwanda as a U.N. forces commander, to facilitate RPF and CIA agents to travel to Rwanda Kagera Park, in U.N. vehicules, to monitor the return of Habyarimana aircraft in evening from Tanzania and alert the Terror Team at Masaka Hill to get ready for the downing.

The same day, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni received order from Bill Clinton to make sure that the Habyarimana return to Kigali is made at night. At 8,01 PM the CIA the spies detected the Habyarimana aircraft flying over Kagera Park and informed immediately Kagame Headquarters in Mulindi and called U.S. 

Troops already stationed on Bujumbura airport and the then U.S Embassador in Burundi, Robert Kruer, to be ready for a possible catastrophy in Rwanda. From Mulindi, the then RPF headquarters, Kagame sent a radio message to the terrorist team already at Masaka Hill to get ready for the Black Bag

Job . In Wasington Bill, Clinton was sitting in Oval Office, waiting for «Good News». In Kigali, Canadian General Romeo Dallaire switched off all his phones and disappeared, engaged in Secret Conversations with CIA officials. 

At 8.21 PM, around Kigali Airport, the Habyarimana pilot, french, radioed the control tower and received permission to land. But during descent to the runway, two missiles went off from Masaka Hill towards the presidential aircraft. None on board survived.

So from this i can conclude that, president Paul Kagame can fool some people sometimes, but he cannot fool all the people all the time. Mr President Paul Kagame must accept that he has killed more than 10 million of innocent people in Rwanda and in Congo. He must know that the time has come to stop his atrocities.

The people of The Great Lakes Region of Africa have had enough of war and and they are tired. So I ask God to come and protect these children and women who are suffering. 

I pray to God for a Miracle and for Peace in The Great Lakes Region of Africa, and I also ask God to bring Peace all over the world. Thank you and God bless you all
Venant Ntakirutimana

Rwandan children in jungles of DRC after the sunday mass

Children in the chapel

Venant Ntakirutimana with children and mothers after sunday mass

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