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17 novembre 2013

Pictures coming from the Common wealth meeting in Colombo Sri Lanka are showing Rwanda’s criminal Paul Kagame expressing his usual false smile. But despite his fake smiles one can’t fail to tress his heinous character embroiled within his heart. 

Platon, a classical Greece philosopher, once said that “ignorance is the main root and stem of all evil in the world.” This week Rwanda’s criminal ruler was at it again expressing the highest levels of ignorance with his « Ndi Umunyarwanda » project.

Paul Kagame in Sri Lanka during a Commonwealth conference

While in the neighbouring country of Burundi citizens were buying, listening and reading Denise Nkurunziza’s heart touching new autobiography called “the power of hope” that has elements of unity, love, forgiveness, humbleness and total subordination before God. 

On the other hand in Rwanda, the first lady evil Jeannette Kagame was preaching divisionism, apartheid, hate, threats and promoting satanic lyrics of ndi Umunyarwanda project.

Today’s letter will be discussing two aspects within evil Paul Kagame’s sphere of politics, which are the M23 and the RPF’s terrorist organisation.

The M23’s breathe

In July of this year and in our last week articles Ikaze Iwacu informed its readers that Sultan Makenga was receiving treatment from Kampala International hospital; and from July 2013 Makenga’s day to day running of the M23 was limited as he had relocated to Kampala for medical reasons. 

When Ikaze Iwacu broke the news in July of this year some of our readers questioned our sources, but now international bloggers have also confirmed what we already informed our leaders.

After handing himself to Uganda Defence Forces in the early hours of the 6th of November 2013, Sultan Makenga and other M23 senior commanders were transported to Kabale to a residential mansion owned by the Ugandan DMI in area called Kantale. 

On the 9th of November 2013, Sultan Makenga and a small group of his aid moved from Kabale to Kampala and he is now residing at another mansion owned by Uganda’s intelligence services in Muyenga near tank hill in Kampala. The Ugandan government wants Makenga to continue receiving first class treatment from Kampala International Hospital doctors.

The RDF delegation to Kampala

On the 8th of November 2013, Dictator Paul Kagame sent a high level delegation composed of senior RDF officers to Kampala to meet president Museveni over the Congo and M23 issues. 

This delegation was composed of Col. Joseph Rutabana, Col. Francis Mutiganga, Gen. Joseph Nzabamwita and it was headed by doctor poison Gen. Richard Rutatina. This delegation that met president Museveni during the weekend was also joined by Rwanda’s ambassador to Uganda Gen. Frank Mugambagye who has been nicknamed by Rwandans living in Uganda as ambassador Poteza because of his criminal activities in the streets of Uganda that include kidnappings, assassinations, tortures, intimidations and threats.

Major Gen Richard Rutatina

A senior UPDF officer who is conversant with politics within Nakasero state house told Ikaze Iwacu that “this delegation came to Uganda to listen to Museveni’s perspectives on the just concluded SADC/ICGLR summit in South Africa. 

But this delegation was surprised by President Museveni’s genuine outlook of the Great lakes region.

” This UPDF officer continued to tell Ikaze Iwacu that:
President Museveni told these delegates that the diplomatic outlook has to change especially on the great lakes region. He reminded them how African leaders are gagging against Rwanda and Uganda; and how their respective countries are now perceived as aggressors.

They discussed the issue of M23 forces within both Countries, and president Museveni promised these delegates that he will do his utmost best to see that the M23 men are integrated within the FARDC.

President Museveni raised the issue of Rwandese operatives’ behaviours in Uganda; he reminded Frank Mugambagye how he has cautioned him several times about these issues. 

President Museveni reminded them against corrupting Uganda’s intelligence services, as he always ends up knowing all the information they try to obtain from Uganda.

They talked on the issue of FDLR, and Museveni was on the view of the Rwandan government opening up a line of communication with all their political opponents. 

They talked on the issue of international community focusing their eyes on the region, and he reminded them that Kabila is winning the war of mind within the International community and Africa in general.

This meeting came up with a resolution that Ugandan and Rwandan technical committees should regularly meet for discussions and unified plans about the great lakes politics.

This senior UPDF officer continued to tell Ikaze Iwacu that “the Rwandan government is in the state of panic, they are caught between re-attacking Congo or not. But in case they make the mistake to attack that may be the end of RPF and Kagame.” 

Rwanda’s Dictator is addicted to Congo’s mineral and that is why he is trying to create a pretext for another invasion in Congo, but this may be his last war.

For the last 20 years the RPF criminal entity has only installed human sorrows, tears, hatred, deaths, corruption, incarceration and the criminal behaviours of this satanic entity will never cease to exist until it is crashed militarily; dictator Kagame in a million times will never allow free and fair elections in Rwanda.

The Circus of RPF criminals

On the 30th of June 2013, in front of connekt youth Dictator Paul Kagame gave the most appalling speech that any sober president can ever deliver. 

On the 12th of October Rwanda’s golden digger Jeannette Kagame went even further by supporting her husband’s nuisance that all Hutus of all ages should publically apologise for the 1994 genocide. But this time the RPF and the Kagames came with a new concept called ndi umunyarwanda literally meaning that I am a Rwandan.

This last week all Rwandan witnessed the ministerial retreat that was held at the prime minister office; tax payers’ money was wasted by this terrorist organisation to pay, arrange and organise a retreat for the executive body and other officials to study about a dark project called ndi umunyarwanda. 

As ikaze Iwacu stated in its previous articles this project is aimed at criminalising the Hutu population and now Hutus are being identified as foreigners. For any Hutu to be given his Rwandan citizenship; he or she has to apologise publically about the genocide done on their names.

What Rwandans are asking now is who is receiving those apologies? 

Who will forgive those who are apologising? 

When will Kagame, RPF and the Tutsis apologise for the crimes committed and still being committed up to today? 

As usual the RPF is found of creating half backed political projects with a vision to interest the few criminal inner circles.

RPF’S dark projects:

The RPF usually has eye catching names for their dark projects, but all their programs and projects are actually aimed at the profits of the few; and these are some of the eye catching programs auto proclaimed by the satanic party.

Umubonano (togetherness), this was one of the earliest projects by the RPF regime; but its intentions are only to confuse and create a false sense of unity among Rwandans.

Gacaca, this judicial method created by the RPF to judge suspected genocideurs in Rwanda. But unfortunately the Gacaca jurisdiction turned into a political project to judge perceived political opponents.

Come and see (Ngwino urebe), this was another eye catching project by the RPF to the Diaspora where they were encouraged to come and visit Rwanda. Rwandan embassies around the world were paying air tickets for Rwandans to visit Rwanda. 

But unfortunately it was only intore and relatives of senior government officials residing in Europe and America who benefited on this scheme that was intended for Rwandans who had left the country in 1994.

Imihigo (government targets), as usual this is an eye catching word that emphasizes good governance. But as everyone knows it’s a word that remains on posters and files, as the RPF has no single governance in its essence of operation. It’s a party ridden by high level corruption, nepotism and divisionism.

Agaciro, as everyone knows this was another day time robbery done by the RPF regime on its population. The money collected through this highway thieving has been trashed to different banks in China, Singapore, South Korea and Uganda by the Kagames. 

This will be a discussion of another time as Ikaze Iwacu is still investigating on how the RPF is laundering money around the world.

The 2020 vision, the madman’s dream that has failed catastrophically. It’s good to have a dream, but a dream without a plan, objective, program, and a clear blue print is an illusion. 

The 2020 vision has been Paul Kagame’s illusion but after he woke up; now the illusionist has shifted his goal to 2040 Vision.

Rwandans by now are no longer amazed by RPF and the behaviours of the Kagames; the RPF has nothing to offer it’s a satanic party with satanic elements at the top of the government.

The case for the band of 15

On the 13thof November 2013, Dictator Paul Kagame decided to produce individuals that he kidnapped before his Kangaroo courts. Lt Joel Mutabazi and other 14 co accused were brought before the court. 

His co-accused include: Karemera Jackson, Eugene Mutamba, Diane Gasengayire, Joseph Nshimiyimana, Pelagie Twizeyimana, Cyprien Nibishaka Rwisanga, Dative Murekeyisoni, Balthazar Maniraho, Jean de Dieu Nizigiyeho, Shadrack Barangayabo, Simon-Pierre Mahirwe, Marie-Grace Mutuyimana, Anselme Nimusabe and Kamaradi.

LT Joel Mutabazi and his co-accused in the military court

Among Lt. Joel Mutabazi’s co- accused, Mzee Eugene Mutamba is an uncle to Lt. Joel Mutabazi and he is a genocide survivor from Muhazi, Jackson Karemera is a young brother to Mutabazi Joel and before being kidnapped by Kagame’s agents he had just finished senior six in Uganda. 

Diane Gasengayire was merely arrest for being an older sister to Lt. Joel Mutabazi’s wife; and Kamaradi was a refugee in Uganda and he was also kidnapped from Uganda by Kagame’s agents.

All Lt. Joel’s relatives in Rwanda have been arrested in one way all another by this criminal regime, to the extent of even arresting a young boy with a charged up dossier. The RPF regime is so satanic that it no single moral and ethical character within its self. 

These group after being imprisoned at Kami slaughter centre on charged up and fabricated cases, the DMI was instructed by Paul Kagame to make sure that these group cooperates in court mainly in accepting that they have been working with the south African elements mainly Kayumba Nyamwasa and Patrick Karegeya; and FDLR in the throwing of grenades around Kigali.

Reliable source within DMI has told Ikaze Iwacu that DMI has been told by Paul Kagame to convince these prisoners into working with them in accusing the RNC and FDLR as the main groups that have been throwing grenades in Rwanda. 

This DMI agent told Ikaze Iwacu that “we are trying to soften these people into accepting to work with us, we have promised them money and a short sentence which they will not serve as it will be a sentence on papers only; but it’s still hard to get any cooperation from them as they are receiving constant visits from some white people within the red cross.” 

This DMI officer continued to tell Ikaze Iwacu that “some of the people in the group were picked up from Rubavu and DMI fabricated stories that they are FDLR fighters; you know the president is now a paranoid flick.”


Today some Rwandans are selling their souls and dignity in order to serve this criminal regime, but when the law prevails people like Bernard Makuza, Ntawukuliryayo Damascene and the rest; will be judged for abating and supporting a criminal government that has killed more than 6 million people. 

Their distorted mind may be telling them that they will be in power for the 100 years, but Rwandan and even God won’t allow this. Crime, lies, killings, assassinations, kidnappings, and apartheid; these evil did will never defeat fairness and love.

Martin Luther King Jr once said that “he who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.”

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