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7 février 2014

On the 30th-01-2014; the international community watched free drama at the UN Security Council. The RPF’s criminal regime showed primitivism where Eugène Gasana tried to intimidate the Congolese ambassador Ignace Gata Mavita Wa Lufuta. 

As usual the RPF ambassador showed ignorance and lack of clarity to the extent of arrogantly telling the Congolese ambassador that he should never appear again at the UN Security Council.

LT Col Francis Gakwerere

While watching this drama it was difficult to differentiate between the RPF’s rogue ambassadors and Jack Nziza’s team of assassins. In today’s Rwanda there is no single difference between assassin Francis Gakwerere and Eugene Gasana; the RPF is organised around rogue elements that have no single human ethics. 

This article is not an analysis about Rwanda’s immoral ambassadors; but a continuation in the analogy of assassin Francis Gakwerere.

Lt. Colonel Francis Gakwerere’s Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique and South Africa cell

After the influx of Rwandese refugees to Zambia in 1997; the RPF government started to build a criminal death squad that can be used to eliminate the RPF’s perceived enemies. 

The DMI agents in its first priority was to recruit Tutsi who had migrated in Zambia, the second option was to recruit the Hutu refugees, the third option was to recruit intelligence personnel and hospital doctors from the above respective countries.

The above Countries were heavily infiltrated by DMI death squad in the region; since 1997, this region has been the death ground of RDF DMI operatives. 

Dictator Paul Kagame’s DMI boys flooded this region with poisons (utuzi), planned car accidents and doctors were also paid and used to eliminate the Rwandese refugees.

When assassin Francis Gakwerere was sent in this region by Jack Nziza in 2002, he found a well established netwok that was built since 1997. But it’s important to note that Rwanda’s DMI operatives failed to penetrate Angola and Zimbabwe; to the extent that in 2003, the Angolan government arrested Francis Gakwerere and deported him back to Rwanda. 

The Angolan government had identified him as a Rwandan agent and his business certificate that was given to him by the Angolan government was revoked.

Lt. Col. Francis Gakwerere’s behaviours

Francis Gakwerere is a celebrity within the DMI death squads; currently is the overall chief of Kagame’s external intelligence; being a nephew to criminal Jack Nziza gives him the power over any other intelligence officer in Rwanda. 

A DMI officer told Ikaze Iwacu that, “when you see Col. Francis Mutiganda in front of Gakwerere, you can definitely tell that Gakwerere is in charge. In the intelligence hierarchy Francis Gakwerere is second to Criminal Jack Nziza; Francis Gakwerere has overwhelming power as he also has direct access to the president.”

Within the social life, assassin Francis Gakwerere is a nightmare in Kigali; while in Kigali Francis Gakwerere is always in the night clubs drinking, intimidating and slapping Rwandans. 

A Rwandan who lives in Europe told Ikaze Iwacu that, “when I was in Rwanda last summer this man Francis Gakwerere slapped and pointed a pistol at me by accusing me that I talked to his girl friend. I was scared and for this, I will never step in Rwanda again under this regime.”

Col Franco Rutagengwa, the chief of DMI

Ikaze Iwacu readers should know that this criminal is married, though he goes around Kigali snatching and grabbing other people’s girlfriends and wives. Whenever Francis Gakwerere and his group that is composed of col. Franco Rutagengwa, captain John Mutenge, Lt. Col. Shema and Major Matungo appear in a night club; people will start leaving one by one.

Rwandans know this group of death operatives to the extent that at car wash night clubs people are no longer levelling there to watch football.

A young executive told Ikaze Iwacu that, “I used to love going to « Chez Lando » every Sunday, but I stopped going there, because this Francis guy is always there. I started going to enjoy my weekend at executive bar and Republika bar; but unfortunately this Francis Gakwerere has started appearing in these joints. I have decided to stay and spend my weekends at home.”

Francis Gakwerere’s fake English course in Oxford

After the birth of RNC in December 2010, criminal Jack Nziza decided to send his most trusted killers in Europe and America. 

DMI got for illiterate Francis Gakwerere a beginners English course at Oxford University in January 2011; Francis moved to United Kingdom under the pretext of education but his main objective was to infiltrate the Rwandese community in United Kingdom.

While in the U.K, assassin Francis lived in a mansion located in Barnaby town in the county of Oxfordshire. During this time, Francis started building a network of RPF informers in London, Birmingham, Coventry and Leeds; the purpose of this group of informers was to identify RPF opponents or those who are not involved in any Embassy (RPF) projects. 

A resident of Birmingham who met Francis during this time told Ikaze Iwacu that, “this man was always in Birmingham pubs buying booze for people; he looks harmless at first glance, apart from talking usual crap of being a businessman and rich.”

Gen Innocent Kabandana

In May 2010, the opposition members in United Kingdom had identified Francis Gakwerere and reported him to the Authority, by this time Umuvugizi newspaper had written an article about him and he had to flee United Kingdom hurriedly. 

Ikaze Iwacu readers should know that, while Francis Gakwerere was sent in U.K for a fake English course, assassin Kabandana Innocent the current Rwandese military attaché in the USA was also sent in 2011 for a fake military course in northern Carolina; but his main objective was also to build a network of RPF spies for criminal Jack Nziza in the USA.

Lt. Col. Francis Gakwerere’s movements in Europe and America

For those who are conversant with Dictator Paul Kagame’s operation will know that before he visits any place, the coward criminal has to send an advanced party composed of intelligence personnel and trusted member from presidential guard. 

Francis Gakwerere was the head of advanced delegation team that went to Chicago, Boston, London and Toronto before the devilish « Rwanda day » celebrations that were held in these respective cities.

Last year in July, Ikaze Iwacu published an article telling its readers that Francis Gakwerere had visited Belgium and Holland to meet RPF spies in Europe. Ikaze Iwacu readers should know that this man is so dangerous; as one DMI agent stated that, “Francis may use you then later eliminates you in order to remove any evidence.”

Rwandans should know that this man uses different types of passports, while travelling in Europe, America and Africa. A DMI officer told Ikaze Iwacu that “most of external operatives use passports from different countries; as for Francis, the man has countless passports from different countries. I know you won’t believe but the man has also a Venezuelan passport.”

The relationship between Vital Hitimana and assassin Francis Gakwerere

In late 2002 that is the first time Francis Gakwerere met Vital Hitimana alias GENERAL in Malawi; Vital Hitimana was by this time living in Malawi and working as a bus driver for a car that was owned by a Rwandan businessman in Malawi. 

After their first meeting through a mutual friend; Francis identified Vital as a person who they could work with and their friendship was sealed because both of them are weed smokers and drug abusers.

Vital Hitimana alias general

From 2002, Vital Hitimana became the DMI point of contact in Malawi; Vital Hitimana’s standard of life increased as he was under the overall payment of the Rwandan DMI. 

A lot of people started dying under mysterious circumstances as they were poisoned by Vital and the group that he had built. After realising that the Rwandan community have started suspecting him for being an RPF spy in Malawi; Francis Gakwerere instructed him to relocate in Mozambique and this was around 2009.

While in Mozambique, the Rwandan DMI helped vital Hitimana to establish a business mainly in the cement and rice trade. 

Another team of assassin was built in Mozambique and in October 2012 this group that was composed of Lt Col. Faustin Tinka, Lt. Col. Francis Gakwerere and Vital Hitimana assassinated Theogene Turatsinze a former director of RDB at the instruction of Jack Nziza.

This was done in order to hide evidence of Dictator Paul Kagame’s corruption in Rwanda Development Bank.

In 2010 when Francis Gakwerere was on bail in South Africa in the case of Kayumba Nyamwasa shooting; it was Vital Hitimana who drove to South Africa from Mozambique to help him escape justice by using a fake Mozambican passport. 

During the Karegeya assassination Vital Hitimana as a trusted RPF operative played a big logistic support in his murdering.

A DMI officer told Ikaze Iwacu that it is a matter of time before Jack Nziza orders the elimination of Vital Himinana and his group as they have been exposed. In the mind of criminal Jack Nziza and Dictator Paul Kagame, it is a must to eliminate all those who know too much about their criminal operations especially if you’re not a « umwega ».

Rwandese DMI houses in South African Countries

Rwanda is run by dangerous elements that can do anything in order to eliminate and kill its opponents. Safe houses are part of the RPF’s primitive plans on way to abduct, torture and kill its opponents. 

The Rwandan DMI had to buy houses in Malawi, Zambia, and Mozambique. These safe houses in these countries were bought mainly to house RPF operatives in that region.

Below are some of the areas in Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique that Rwandan DMI has safe houses. 

The addresses where given to Ikaze Iwacu by a trusted individual who is an administrator in DMI; this individual continued to tell Ikaze Iwacu that he came across these addresses in 2012 and all these properties are under Jack Nziza’s control.

1 property along Mwinilunga Road in Lusaka; this protery was personal bought by Jack Nziza while was in Zambia for his disastrous military course.

1 Property along Roma area of Lusaka Zambia.

1 Property along Nambulu in Lusaka Zambia and this was recently obtained by DMI.

1 Property along Ufulu Road in Lilongwe Malawi.

1 Property along Chilanga Drive in Lilongwe Malawi.

1 Property along Avenida (Avenue) Julius Nyerere in Maputo Mozambique.

1 Property along Avenida (Avenue) da marginal in Maputo Mozambique.

1 Property in Baixa area of Maputo Mozambique; it was given to a munyamulenge pastor who works for RPF.


Francis Gakwerere is now in Rwanda celebrating the successful assassination of Patrick Karegeya; the RPF criminal regime spent more than $8 million dollars to bribe the Mozambique regime to release Francis Gakwerere and his group. 

As Jack Nziza and his criminal godfather Paul Kagame are celebrating the double murder of Gen. Mamadou Ndala and Patrick Karegeya; the RPF criminal boss is now moving to another stage in his process of eliminating those in his wanted list.


While the RPF terrorist organisation is planning more killings, corruption and dividing Rwandans; the Rwandan political elites are engaged in childish bickering and trivial argument among themselves. 

Sometimes Rwandans ask themselves if these politicians in diaspora are real or a batch of lazy people who have nothing to do apart from forming irrelevant political parties to confuse Rwandans.

Rwandans have seen and read the circus of corporal MUPENZI JEAN DE LA PAIX; a man who left his comrade in the bush only to return back to claim that he is starting a rebellion and unfortunately lazy politicians in diaspora believed in this DMI corporal turned “general”.

I would like to personally thank Faustin Twagiramungu for hi prevalence humanism; Mzee Twagiramungu has always been attacked from both sides but always remained focused with his job and this is an excellent trait of a great leader. 

You may disagree with Twagiramungu; but the Mzee is a political intellectual who is above the race issues and he should be appreciated for this.

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