dimanche 4 janvier 2015


4 janvier 2015 

Two days ago the deadline given to FDLR to disarm expired. 

After their Armed Units like M23 were destroyed by SADC forces, Tutsi Empire has been shaken but not given up on its ambitious agenda, including conquest, extermination of Bantu mainly Hutu population, looting the great lakes regions of Africa…


The main ingredient in the Tutsi Empire development is the reinforcement of the Eastern Africa Region, represented by the Eastern Africa Standby Forces (EASF). 

This coalition is compromised with; Comoros, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Seychelles, Somalia, Sudan and Uganda and Burundi.

The first question one would ask him/herself is Tanzania not a part of this EASF? If one takes a look at the map of East Africa, there is no doubt that Tanzania stands out as the main geographic Eastern land mass. 

Culturally, Swahili which is an official language in Tanzania is also the language widely spoken in East Africa from Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Eastern Congo. 

There are two major ports of entry in East Africa as a gateway to the world, Mombasa in Kenya and Dar-Es Salam in Tanzania. And why is that Tanzania is excluded in this coalition? That is a million dollar question.

In November 2013 the Republic of Tanzania took initiative to end Rwandan proxy armed group in DRC, after years of occupation first by CNDP then M23. 

Tanzania which is a member of SADC sent infantry and other combat support units to help DRC defeating M23, even though MONUSCO (UN mission in Congo) had been there since November 1999 as MONUC, with billions of dollars budget couldn’t do anything about it. It took Tanzania, South Africa, Malawi and other SADC nations less than a month to destroy M23. 

In the eyes of Hima Tutsi Empire, Tanzania had just took away Congo out of their map.

For MONUSCO, it was an embarrassment because M23 had just rolled into Goma unopposed by MONUSCO forces. In fact we can’t forget that MONUSCO years prior had just teamed up with Rwanda Defense Forces to kill countless of Hutu refugees in their camps, committing War Crimes against women and children. 

MONUSCO had just declare itself a part of Tutsi Empire demonic Plan. Which is the reason FDLR had insisted in not working with MONUSCO, but instead work with SADC, at least they had shown that they are willingly to solve Hutu refugees issue peacefully.

After M23’s humiliation in Congo the Hima Tutsi Empire went back to their friends in west, trying to have FDLR destroyed as well by the same brigade. That’s when Americans and europeans like Russ Feingold and Martin Kobler begun their ever ending visits to Eastern Congo and Rwanda, trying everything possible to save the Tutsi Empire plans, which happened are also to be theirs. 

Politically Tutsi Empire is weakening, as their “Genocide card” is being questioned even by their former propagandists. Ref: BBC film “Rwanda’s untold Story”. Within 

Tutsi community, things aren’t getting better. Former allies’ assassination attempts by Kigali in South Africa and elsewhere had brought divisions and tensions within the Rwandan Forces (RDF), as well as in the party itself (RPF).

In meantime to reorganize for future military operation, Rwanda is showing signs of paranoia. Recently they went on shopping spring and bought Surface to Air Missiles (TL-50). 

These weapons are not design to fight FDLR obviously, and it makes one wonder who is really Rwanda afraid of? In the effort to counter SADC that has shown Air Capability, EASF, in this case Rwanda needs this kind of weaponry. But also this was purposely leaked to the media, to simply boost Tutsi Empire’s reputation.

On Contrarily I find this absurd, because SADC countries are equipped and trained to counter this kind of threat. So what is the next move for Hima Tutsi Empire and their allies? 

It is very important for the empire to conquer eastern DRC, or their marriage with the west will end up in divorce. The Hima Tutsi Empire had already prepared EASF for war. 

During recent exercise, the Rwanda Defense Minister Kabarebe said: the August Command Post Exercise was one of the activities aimed at preparing 5,200 troops for the December 2014 Full Operational Capability (FOC).

“Much as attaining FOC by December 2014 is an important milestone for the region, it is long overdue. Our citizens have suffered from threats of intra-state conflicts and state collapse among others,” he said. 

In justifying the need for the EASF, Kabarebe singled out insecurity caused by negative forces like FDLR, ADF-Nalu, Lord’s Resistance Army, and Al Shabaab which he said have destabilized the region. 

Speaking at the event, Kabarebe said: “It is an exciting moment to witness EASF preparedness as we move closer to full operational capability in December this year, a year before the planned date.”

It’s not by coincidence that the readiness of these troops were rushed to December 2014, considering the deadline given to them (Uganda and Rwanda) to hand over M23 rebels, as well deadline given to FDLR to complete disarmament. 

Country like Burundi that is not a trusted member in Tutsi Empire is already facing Rwandan incursion in North West, possibly as a diversion or a reason to deploy EASF in the Burundi regions close to Congo. This might give the Hima Tutsi Empire an edge to influence power shift in Burundi in moment needed. Who else will fight this war?

EASF headquarter is located in Ethiopia, and The Tutsi Empire has never been shy to show their inherited relation with Ethiopians. Uganda and South Sudan are definitely on the roster, as they have been working together for a long time. Kenyans that are supposedly very important in EASF, have no motif to engage in this kind of wars. 

But as an American ally in war of terror, Kenya might be involved indirectly. However Kenya as a democratic nation, it would be very hard to explain to their people why they are dying in Congo and Rwanda, even in Uganda. Somalis and other clueless nations in the organizations might be involved but only in support, or combat support services, just for war spoils.

We are at the eve of war. The Tutsi Empire will have to deliver what it promised to their western partners, or else. After M23 defeat, The Empire went back to drawing board, and finally we might see what they have been plotting. 

FDLR we hear today is not the problem. If it was the FDLR Rwanda wouldn’t have bought Missiles, Rally the entire EASF. It’s important that we understand the bigger picture, and understand that FDLR just happens to be in the way, and disrupting the Empire conquest.

A handful of people think that FDLR gives Kigali reasons to invade Congo, and therefore if FDLR would surrender or and go back to Rwanda, peace will reign in region, especially DRC. That is not true at all; FDLR represents resistance, obstacle to the Hima Tutsi Empire. 

I don’t have to remind you that everyone who ever fought this empire had in someway reached to FDLR or Hutus in region to assist. From Mobutu, Kabila the father, many local Congolese groups tired of Tutsi Armies and in Burundi. If one is facing The Hima Tutsi Empire’s armies, fighting FDLR should be the last thing he/she should be planning.
Jean Paul Romeo Rugero



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