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7 mai 2015

War can be defined as an act of violence intended to compel our opponent to fulfil our will…At least that is the summary considering so many definitions. In today’s conflicts, tactics and means have changed, but fundamentals and outcomes remain the same. Violence, destruction and death.


Low intensity warfare

Found mostly in failed or on the blink of failing states in Africa, South America and Middle East. Conflict in The Great Lakes Region of Africa is a perfect example of low intensity warfare. 

This kind of warfare brings extreme and gross human rights violations reaching deep into population. On one side, this war is fought by different agencies, focusing on intelligence, precision targeting, special operations and intense political buy outs.

That is on side of the capable ones, usually an unpopular government supported by a “know how” country like USA, RUSSIA, FRANCE.. On the other hand, to locals involved in conflict, this kind of warfare means slow but painful economic and social declination. 

Those are the local militias, freedom fighters, tribal fighting groups, or simply people fighting for their ancestral land. In countries where these conflicts last decades, it also means generations of war with one thing in their agenda; survival.

During globalization, Multi Corporation are not shy to take advantage of the chaos to exploit natural resources, with little or no regard to human cost. Countries with oil, gold, diamond and all other high value resources are likely to fall in this kind of warfare, and sustain it for years, just because they have means to do so.

Low intensity warfare often has no ending, as generation with no other skills but war, try to govern and maintain a society that is eventually destined to fail. 

Ironically Western NGOs and other agencies make this kind of war a very lucrative business, creating mega bureaucratic systems that are often counterproductive to the locals, only transforming them into a welfare society, generations after generations. In a few words Low intensity warfare not only kills, but also destroys the very basic fabric of the entire society in the spectrum.

High Intensity Warfare or Maneuver warfare

WWII, Falkland Island invasion by United Kingdom, Iraqi invasion by the United States of America. Two countries or two opposing forces with conventional Armies using very effective and destructive firepower. 

These wars were fought with lighting speed by professional war planners and fighters. As the time progressed from WWI to Desert Storm to Afghanistan, Smart weapon have replaced unguided ammunition to reduce civilian casualty.

One airplane can take over a role of twenty heavy bomber of WWII. Needles civilian casualties have been reduced considerably, but war is war and People will die regardless. 

Unlike Low intensity warfare where civilians are often targeted purposely, in High Intensity Warfare civilians are killed because they are caught between crossfire. Different countries have different rules of engagement, and Laws of War that punished those in military who commit crime even in fire fight.

However in Africa we don’t see that kind of civilian consideration yet, as African nations are still using weapons and tactics from WWII, Officers are still making decision and give orders to kill indiscriminately in their area of operations. 

Even though they call themselves professional soldiers, most of those armies are made up of ruthless rather than professional leaders. Results; we still see High intensity wars killing people indiscriminately like in WWI or WWII.

The irony is that most of those armies for instance Rwandan and Ugandan Armed forces (RDF and UPDF) are said to be highly trained by the United States military, or Israeli defense forces. But somehow books of law that govern those western professional military, are not a part of curriculum for their students.

Starting from Kibeho Massacre by Rwanda Defense Forces (RDF), Northern Rwanda counter insurgency operations by General Kayumba Nyamwasa a former high ranking RDF officer now in exile, Attack in Zaïre destroying refugee camps by General James Kabarebe who is the current Defense Minister in Rwanda, to ongoing extermination of Hutu refugees in Congo, no single Rwandan Officer was ever charged with War crimes, neither by Rwandan military justice or International Criminal Court.

Looking at what is taking place in the region, or what took place during Reagan era in Nicaragua with the Contras, I can open up another discussion about a third kind of warfare often unspoken or ignored purposely to maintain its effectiveness. 

“Hybrid Warfare” or “Gray Warfare”. In this kind of war armed groups or paramilitary organizations are engaged in Low Intensity warfare, supporting a government or fighting against a government, always supported by foreign intelligence agencies.

Today CIA had gone even greyer, by using various South African mercenaries, or EX British and American soldiers in what we call today PMC (Private Military Companies) like Executive Outcomes, Blackwater, Aegis Defence Services….By the way PMC is Just a fancy name for mercenaries. It gets even more complex as we see third parties taking on serious and deadlier missions in Africa. 

For instance in DRC, CNDP and M23 were acting under Rwanda and Ugandan command and Control, who were themselves being advised and supported by American and British agencies politically and militarily.

The complexity of this type of war, permits the customer to wage a war effectively and comfortably with less casualties on his troops, and avoid accountability. 

That is the reason why until today, no Rwandan or Ugandan officer were ever arrested for crimes they committed in DRC and Rwanda. These kind of warfare can only be waged by wealthy countries or groups supported by those countries (United States, UK, France).

To End all wars

In Great lakes Region of Africa, we need a High Intensity Warfare to end what is taking place over there. An entity that will consolidate forces in region, and use a swift and calculated assaults on nations known to harbor those groups responsible of disturbing peace. 

As those countries themselves (Rwanda and Uganda) have their own conventional but limited Armies, War will not last long. We have seen the previews during M23 incursions in DRC back in 2012.

If the Intervention brigade currently in DRC doesn’t plan, destroy and invade Kigali and kampala, we are going to see an establishment of an acceptable impunity, and an ever growing confidence in war criminals from Rwanda and Uganda. 

Partnership that is no longer between nations but between global multi corporations and customers like Tutsi Armies in The African Great lakes region, is the present and future danger to the rest of Bantu communities, that constitute over 95% of the central and southern countries of Africa.

It’s very imperative that Ethnic based Armies are disbanded in a very efficient high intensity war against Kigali and Kampala, followed by rendering justice to those who deserve it, and democratization of the region. 

If this doesn’t take place, coalition between the western multi corporations and ambitious Tutsi leaders in Rwanda and Uganda will most likely destabilize the entire region, in attempt to fulfill their ambition of Hima-Tutsi Empire.
Jean Paul Rugero Romeo



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