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7 septembre 2014

On the 31th-08 -2014, I enjoyed watching criminal Paul Kagame make a fool of himself, where he rambled in what any political analyst may call a speech of idiocy, a speech that lacked any substance, a speech from someone who lacks the capacity to be a statesman and a speech of Narcissistic sufferers. 

But the best amusement for me is when he referred to RPF members as a batch of grasshoppers, and how right the criminal ruler was on this point!!

Paul Kagame at the RPF grasshoppers meeting

The RPF grasshoppers (Isenene)

There is nothing good like watching and listening at how criminal Paul Kagame labelled the RPF elites as grasshoppers, he went further to nickname them as bears (Ibirura). 

I watched and listened with amusement at how Paul Kagame reaped apart and ridiculed the RPF elites; in this RPF meeting, Paul Kagame stated and behaved like the Roman emperor ruler, King Nero.

To survive within the RPF, one must show that he/her does not have the brain to think, you must show that you don’t have a brain of your own and you are just a machine that is programmed. 

On the 31th-08-2014, the RPF grasshoppers showed the highest level of cheapness, greed, unpatriotic and immorality as they cheered criminal Paul Kagame’s emptiness and inaptitude speech. There was a Leninism atmosphere in this RPF gathering, where RPF members behaved like vampires in suppressing each other.

Here is RPF grasshopper, Edda Mukabagwiza denouncing her sister for being a member of RNC

In this RPF meeting, Rwandans witnessed the same trend as last year, where sacked ministers Protais Musoni, Monique Mukaruliza and Bill Kayonga asked for forgiveness in front of RPF grasshoppers. 

The RPF meeting that was held on the 13 July 2013, Dr Anastase Gasana was also denounced by her sister; Rwandans also witnessed Jonathan Musonera being denounced by his brother during the Kagame day in London. 

This week we also witnessed Francois Ngarambe’s concubine, Madam Edda Mukabagwiza denouncing her young sister Miss Odetta Mukabakomeza for being an RNC member.

The relationship between Jeannette Kagame and Oda Gasinzigwa

Like any other Tutsi refugees; Oda Gasinzigwa returned back to Rwanda from Tanzania in 1994; in other words she is not a sajya woman, but a Swahili woman bathed in Swahili behaviours of deceit, fabrications and lies. 

In 1996 she worked as a junior administrator at the Ministry of Gender, Family, and Social Affairs; from where she was shipped to National Women’s Council as a mare secretary. 

It was during this time at the National Woman Council that she started making contacts with senior RPF cadres like Aloysia Inyumba, Odette Nyiramilimo and Dr. Agnes Binagwaho.

Oda Gasingizwa, one of the best RPF grasshoppers in terms of fabricating lies

In 2004, she was elected national President of the National Women Council (NWC) with the help of the above stated RPF cadres. 

Rwandans should know that the National Women Council is one of the parastatal in Rwanda that has received large amount of international aid; for example between 2004 to 2010, the Dutch government was annually donating around 4,000,000 Euro to NWC for poverty eradication program among women; however according to reliable source within the NWC, the donations from European governments to NWC have dramatically been reduced due to mismanagement and corruption within this Parastatal.

Where there is money, the long arm of Paul Kagame is always at the heart of the operation; after being elected in 2004 as the president of NWC, Oda Gasinzigwa was then introduced to Queen Jeannette Kagame. 

Oda Gasinzigwa allowed Jeannette Kagame to swindle the donation meant for NWC operations; by 2008 the NWC budget was exclusively controlled by Jeannette Kagame’s office. 

By allowing Jeannette Kagame to swindle donations meant for eradication of women poverty in Rwanda, Oda Gasinzigwa was introduced and accepted within the trusted circle of Jeannette Kagame’s confidants. Oda Gasinzigwa was then given the operational funds to move from one European capital to another European capital, soliciting for financial aid for women programs.

She moved around selling air as one former employee of NWC told Ikaze Iwacu that, “While in a meeting with donors in 2006, in New York; Oda Gasinzigwa talked with passion about the pride of Rwandan women living with AIDS, the stigma and poverty that surrounds them.” 

According to this source, after this meeting with donors, NWC received around $15,000,000 to help and support AIDS suffering women. But this Aid did not reach to its intended recipients, as it was exclusively swindled by Jeannette Kagame.

Jeannette Nyiramongi Kagame

As a token of thank you for being a Jeannette Kagame loyalist, spy and a good house girl; Oda Gasinzigwa obtained a ministerial appointment as a minister of Gender and Family Promotion in the Prime Minister’s Office. 

During the just concluded RPF bureau conference, Rwandans witnessed how Oda Gasinzigwa stood up to vomit ignorance by lamenting pub accusations of cheapness, deceit and madness against senior RPF cadres; the dirty and lying fabrications vomited by her were not her words, but words briefed to her by Jeannette Kagame. 

Everyone knows that, this woman did not have the authority to say what she said, but Oda Gasinzigwa was told and briefed by Jeannette Kagame to vomit her crap in public at the disgrace of society and other sober minded RPF cadres.

Richard Bachisa and Pascal Kanyandekwe received in Rwanda like celebrities

It is only in Rwanda where killers are treated as celebrities; just two weeks ago I saw Lt Col Francis Gakwere and Col. Franco Rutagengwa at chez Lando restaurant dancing to Congolese and Ugandan music; these assassins who were fresh from eliminating undesirable DMI and NSS agents were on dance floor celebrating to their successful criminalities and murderous acts.

Pascal Kanyandekwe, first from right and Richard Bachisa, third from right, were released in the Kayumba’s murder case in SA.

On the 31st -08-2014, in the early hours a board Kenya airways, the two mastermind of Kayumba Nyamwasa’s assassination plot landed in Kigali, and they were received at the airport by the director of external Intelligence Lt Colonel Francis Mutiganda. 

These two assassins were whisked to a DMI safe house in Nyarutarama for debriefing, a debriefing that was directly conducted by death merchant Jack Nziza.

It is important to inform Ikaze Iwacu readers that, this DMI safe house is situated near the Ugandan embassy building in Rwanda. Up to now Pascal Kanyandekwe and Richard Bachisa are still residing at this DMI mansion; but these men’s life has changed to the worst. 

Yes, they may get financial incentives from DMI, but they will live a lonely life as the public will avoid them at all coast; the public sees them as untrustworthy individuals who are ready to kill for money.

How Kale Kayihura is recruiting Rwandese DMI operatives into Ugandan security services

Like the RPF in Rwanda, the NRM is also going through internal fighting and wrangles; the NRM battle pitches between President Museveni and Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi. Ikaze Iwacu readers should know that, Amama Mbabazi as head of External Security Services (ESO) and later as a minister of security, he was able to recruit royal confidents within Ugandan security apparatus. 

Over the years Amama Mbabazi the current prime minister of Uganda, and a Mukiga from western Uganda was able to recruit Bakiga into the Ugandan security services.

Internal fighting within NRM is opposing Museveni to PM Amama Mbabazi

In February of this year, the NRM National Executive Committee met in Kyankwanzi, where Amama Mbabazi and his wife Jacqueline Mbabazi who works as Senior Presidential Advisor and Chairperson NRM Women League openly challenged Museveni’s 2016 presidential bid; a challenge that left NRM deeply divided and fractious. 

After the Kyankwanzi meeting, Museveni ordered General Kale Kayihura with an assignment of neutralising Amama Mbabazi and his supporters; Kale Kayihura was ordered to wipe out all Amama Mbabazi diehards within the security apparatus. In order to achieve this mission, Museveni ordered the release of billions of Ugandan shillings in the name of classified security budget.

In March of this year, Kale Kayihura and his wife Angella Kayihura travelled to Rwanda to brief Jack Nziza about the new Museveni assignment and also discuss about the court murder case surrounding Jacqueline Uwera (a cousin to Kale Kayihura’s wife) versus Kananura family.

Gen Kale Kayihura, the cousin of Jack Nziza and chief of Ugandan Police

It is important to remind Rwandans that General Kale Kayihura who is known in Uganda as Afande tear gas and death merchant Jack Nziza are cousins, as their fathers are brothers. 

DMI agents from both countries who are close to both Jack Nziza and Kale Kayihura told Ikaze Iwacu that, this visit allowed the two cousins to strategize for the louting of Amama Mbabazi diehards from the Ugandan intelligence services.

The Kigali meeting allowed the two cousins to come up with the following strategy:
To identify those agents who were recruited at the time when Amama Mbabazi was the head of ESO and at the time when he was the minister of security, with main emphasis on Bakiga operatives. After being identified these agents should either be relocated in less insignificant roles or cut operational funds allocated to them.

Jack Nziza assigned Rwandan DMI agents into the command of Kale Kayihura, these Rwandan agents are all born in Uganda; they are Runyankole and Luganda speakers. Most of them were already posted in Uganda in the hunt against Rwandan opposition members. 

Reliable information from the Ugandan DMI have told Ikaze Iwacu that, these Rwandan agents have now been appointed in strategic positions and are now in control of confidential files. As opposed to Ugandan DMI agents who are soft and hesitant in committing crime, the Rwandan agents are ruthless and ready to eliminate any obstacle at all cost.

Jack Nziza advised his cousin to adopt the B.I.I.A system that has been used by Paul Kagame to destroy the opposition in Rwanda. Within the Rwandan DMI, B.I.I.A means Buy, Intimidate, Imprison and Assassinate; this is where you corrupt opposition members but if they refuse to be bought they are then intimidated, and if they are not intimidated you move to another stage of creating fabricated cases to imprison them; and if the person continues to be noisy and stubborn, then these individuals should be assassinated through the use of poison or any other means. Death merchant Jack Nziza is the master of this system, the process that he has mastered to its core.

These cousins propagated on how to start an extensive and well scrutinised recruitment process of new intelligence agents, and the recruitment should focus on Bafumbira and westerners. 

Since May of this year, Kale Kayihura has been conducting an undercover recruitment drive of intelligence agents. But these new recruits are not any normal Ugandan boys or girls, but well selected and screened individuals from well-known families in Uganda and these families are Museveni royalists.

The above points have been followed and used by Kale Kayihura, in a drive to tame Amama Mbabazi’s power; now the prime minister and his supporters within the NRM have all been neutralized by Kale Kayihura and his new DMI boys. 

The plan to destroy Amama Mbabazi was slick, well thought through, well-founded and conducted with the highest level of intelligence precision.

Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi is now a lame duck politician, while president Museveni is a rejuvenated individual, and thanks to Kale Kayihura and his cousin Jack Nziza, the Muhozi Project is back on the table. Reliable intelligence sources in Uganda and Rwanda have both told Ikaze Iwacu that, since March of this year, Jack Nziza has made more than 20 trips to Uganda. 

While in Uganda Jack Nziza resides at his multi billion (Ugandan shilling) mansion located in GABA area, a suburb of Kampala; this mansion is situated along the GABA beach corridor. To be continued…

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