mardi 29 octobre 2013


29 octobre 2013

Eric Van Lustbader in his 1980 book the tale of revenge, love and murder; described modern day Ninjas as an assassin, gun runner, human right abuser and a master money launderer. 

All these descriptions fit Rwanda’s current ruler Paul Kagame, the man who has been named by human right campaigners as the African Hitler or the black Hitler.


The RPF induced fear to hold everyone hostage, the tactic employed by Rwanda’s president Paul Kagame is killing people by his whims and caprices. 

When the RPF invaded Rwanda’s peaceful political atmosphere by force of guns, Paul Kagame and his RPF promised heaven on earth, they promised modernity in human right, democracy and fairness, equal and viable justice; But Rwandans have received the opposite from this Ninja president and his RPF mafia organisation.

By grand scheme of deception what the junta RPF regime called transition to democratic civilian rule lost meaning when the Ninja president tasted power. Instead of doing the most decent thing by returning to barracks the Ninja president surrendered his military uniform declaring to have resigned from the army. 

That was not true as the Ninja Paul Kagame continues to exert the worst military dictatorship tinged with brutal state of terror. Now the Ninja president resorts to rampant corruption and senseless killings to molest citizens and induce fear.

Top level corruption

By the time of seizing power through bullet the loudest noise over Rwandan national radio at the time was Paul Kagame ranting about fighting corruption, instituting transparency, accountability, and probity.

Now in forced rule for 20 years, Paul Kagame is the most corrupt and biggest abuser of public office. He takes all that belongs to Rwanda as his personal possession. He engages the full machinery of Rwanda government indulging in ugly illicit dealings. Nobody dears challenge the whims and caprices of Ninja Paul Kagame because he resorts to secret killings thereby inducing great fear.


The occasion by which a group of trigger happy RPF/RPA army took to streets of Kigali and declaring a coup to impose a state of lawlessness, that Rwanda is still experiencing up to today. Out of so many legal hands in the country none of them challenged the illegality of the 1994 RPF take over. 

Today some of the most respected legal hands in Rwanda are helping the Ninja president in cracking down legitimate opposition leaders and supporters. Senior lawyers have helped to legitimize this illegal government that kills its own population; some have taken up higher positions including ministerial positions. 

It is no surprise the happiest profession by lawless hands of junta leader Paul Kagame is the legal fraternity. Judges are being paid heftily by the Ninja president in order to legitimise his dubious cases of imprisoning innocent citizens.

The Ninja president has created lame laws that are meant to target opposition parties or anyone who has different views from his. For nearly 20 years Rwandans are grossly suffering severe harmful encounters from the Ninja president. 

Government supported thugs under DMI stay on the rampage molesting and tormenting helpless victims. Paul Kagame and his RPF regime have created a lawless state orchestrated by DMI torturers and Jack Nziza’s secret killers.

State of terror worse than war

Rwandans are so badly frustrated by the experience that in the absence of war things are taken for granted that there is peace. On the contrary the suffering meted out to helpless victims in Rwanda; indicate that the highest state of terror in the country is by all fair accounts worse than pain of war.

What makes Rwanda’s situation more horrifying is that a nation is passing through slow suffering death and descending mass destruction. So many human right groups and agencies are taking Rwanda’s human right abuses seriously; the International community are constantly raising the human right issues with Rwanda’s Ninja Paul Kagame. 

Rwanda’s poverty rate and hunger is on the increase that soon emergency food supply will begin to dock at nearby nations for victims of Paul Kagame’s apartheid government.

All Rwandans are smelling the rat and observing the clear signal that Rwanda’s Ninja ruler is on his last days and so strange is to see his pathetic ministers and members of parliament still clapping and applauding to his lack of substance speeches. The Ninja ruler knows that he is been cornered from all sides and it’s a matter of time before he becomes history.

Lack of freedom

To express frank opinion in Rwanda attracts a treasonable offence. Anyone who simply says the country’s political situation gets arrested and detained without trial. Everyone is keeping quiet for fear of persecution. In private moments, even those seen about as though they support the dictator secretly cough out their deep biting anger.

A prominent journalist Jean Leonard Rugambage and Charles Ingabire were gunned down by commands of Rwanda’s Ninja Paul Kagame simply for their resolve in writing the truth in line with demands of proper journalism. 

Several others are in prison; others are being hunted while many fled for their lives. We also have reliable information that Ninja Paul Kagame is also hunting on line critics, but unfortunately some are near him and watching his moves.

Failed promises

From the beginning Paul Kagame and the RPF promised to bring unprecedented development to Rwanda. The country has since severely deteriorated beyond expectation. One of the most alarming promises is when Ninja Paul Kagame vowed to transform Rwanda into new Singapore with a backed economy to that of a superpower nation.

With all the promises of the RPF regime for nearly 20 years, Rwanda is still not even producing razor blade or safety pins. Ninja Paul Kagame is now selling maize, cassava leaves (Isombe), chill, milk, tiles and petrol in competition with genuine entrepreneurs. 

To keep people hoping in vain, Paul Kagame came up with another fantasised soothing deception about discovering Gold in Rwanda. There is no realistic documentation about the Singapore plan or Gold discovery. 

His 2020 vision has been a disaster and now he has introduced another hyper of 2040 vision, which is a madman’s dream.

Deviating public attention from real issues

To deviate public attention from truly burning issues, Ninja Paul Kagame takes occasion by coming up with undesirable episodes. He claimed having discovered the Agaciro concept, when recent records indicate that is the highest living soul with no single Agaciro; he has prevailed in human menace. At every interval he comes up with some sort strange ways to alarm the wrong attention.

Rwanda’s Ninja ruler has introduced the Rwanda day celebrations to aggrandize his Ninja master skills, but to his disbelief this project has also backfired as Rwandans and friends of Rwanda welcome him with a grand welcome meant for mass murderers; as witnessed in the London day gig.

Bellow is one of the recent political deviations by RPF’s Ninja:

Jeannette Kagame goes berserk with I am a Rwandan Concept. (Ndi umunyarwanda)

Last week Rwandans witnessed another elementary madness of the RPF regime. On the 30th-06-2013, Paul Kagame gave the most idiotic and apartheid speech in front of youth Connekt delegates where he instructed young Hutu boys and girls to ask for forgiveness and he insisted that crimes and sins are generational.


On the 12th -10-2013, Jeannette Kagame went even further when addressing the youth of Unity Club in Gabiro; Rwanda’s evil queen told Hutu youth that they should repent for the sins committed by their parents, and grandparents. 

She also told this gathering that those that won’t repent for their parent’s sins have no right to be called Rwandans. Her speech showed a woman with hate, and not fit to be called the first lady of a country.

The main purpose of Jeannette Kagame’s speech to the youth of Unity Club:

As usual the RPF don’t do anything by mistake, they have a negative way of calculating their moves. The speech by Rwanda’s rogue queen to Rwandese youth was aimed at:
Dehumanising the Hutu youth and discouraging them from asking or demanding their fundamental rights. 

Her speech was an intention to finalise the Hutu criminalisation process, as those who haven’t repented are not worth of being Rwandans.
Her speech was another warning to Hutus, and a signal that they have no single rights in Rwanda. 

Her speech was to show and demonstrate to Rwandans that she has the power to speak any hate speech without repercussions.
Her speech confirmed that Rwanda is a family property, all senior RPF leaders where present and as usual they clapped and praised a sick woman’s speech.

Jeannette Kagame’s speech showed how Rwanda as a country is burning and crying. Rwanda is now being run by criminal gold diggers; in a normal and conscious society this woman should have been sent to jail for her hate speech, crimes against humanity and economic plunders. 

But in today’s Rwanda she is even being touted for presidency; what a shame!!!

Serious drift from any development agenda

Rwandans want to know what is happening about the development promises made by Ninja Paul Kagame since 20 years. Paul Kagame is not answering genuine question about legitimate concerns but instead ventures into creating alarming situations to deviate from national development agenda; like name calling opposition leaders and those who oppose his criminality.

Destroying the economy and financial environment

Economic infrastructure and financial system of Rwanda continues to decline beyond recovery by the reckless grabbing ways of Paul Kagame. He is involved in all types of business including the sale of building sand and stones at prohibitive cost to struggling Rwandans. Genuine entrepreneurs have been denied opportunity to grow their businesses and some of them forced to extinction.

There is countless number of commercial banks believed to be engaged in illicit financial dealings including money laundering in support of Ninja Paul Kagame’s insatiable personal greed for money and material wealth. Evidently Rwanda does not have the volume of business to keep all those banks operating with clean money.

Up to 20 years now, Rwanda’s economy, society, laws, religion, and all spheres of decent life continue to deteriorate beyond redemption. It takes no devils or angels to salvage Rwanda and by now all indicators are that people want their tormentor Paul Kagame unseated and to face full weight of properly constituted laws. Paul Kagame must be stopped from fear induced killings.


Every day Rwandans get more convinced that the only way of putting a break to Ninja Paul Kagame’s dictatorship is through the use of force which is also allowed by the Rwandan constitution. Any other means at this time is futile as the Rwandan dictator feels that he owns Rwanda and the rest of us are his slaves and subjects.

Billy Moyers a human right campaigner once said that, “War is an excerpt of those defending for their human rights; it’s an immoral imagination to not wage a war against your oppressors.” Dictator is in his last days, but he needs his own treatment of an armed struggle to wrap up his last days.
By a Correspondent


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