lundi 20 janvier 2014


20 janvier 2014 

My title will create uproar within Rwandan political circles and Ikaze Iwacu readers. But in reality the above title describes well the current political state of Rwanda; where it is now called Sajya land. While this month the world was celebrating the coming of a new year, a day of forgiveness and happiness, the Rwandan society was listening to a maniatic speech given by the country’s despotic ruler Paul Kagame in a satanic celebration called the National Prayer Breakfast.


The word sajya is a singular word that means a man in the Luganda language; in contemporary Rwandan understanding the term sajya describes Rwandan men and women who came from Uganda. 

But within Rwandan political scientist the term sajya means deprivation, racism, apartheid, kidnapping, eliminations, lies, corruption, killings, nepotism and assassinations.

Marcus Tullius Cicero stated that “the enemy is within the gates; it is with our own luxury, our own folly and our own criminality that we have to contend. Right minded individuals need to rise against this enemy.” Within the Sajya land the elements of death are preached, criminality is elevated and encouraged by the criminal ruler.

Who are the rulers in the Sajya land?

In the sajya land there are three main rulers; that is Dictator Paul Kagame and his co-rulers of evil queen Jeannette Kagame and Jack Nziza. Since Dictator Paul Kagame came to power; Rwanda as a country ceased to exist. 

Rwanda became Paul Kagame and Paul Kagame became Rwanda; Rwanda as a nation disappeared thus the rise of sajya land.

In the Sajya land a tall skin man assumed the power of the lord and ruler; his co-rulers assumed the power of the might God. They decide between death and life within the Sajya land. In this land killers are praised and idolised; the status of the Sajya land rulers is that of God like. 

The ruler of the Sajya land Paul Kagame assumes is the ruler and his co rulers that is Jack Nziza and Jeannette Kagame feels they are semi gods!

The unloved Sajya land criminal

When the ruler of the Sajya land stands in front of the masses preaching his ignorance, backwardness, unmannered, killings and unethical behaviours; his serial mind tells him that is right. The mind of a serial killer dreams in negativism and self appreciation, thus the words “it is a matter of time before I kill you;” the proclamation of criminal Paul Kagame to his political opponents.

The late Judith Kansinge before dumping criminal Paul Kagame came rushing to Gen. Fred Rwigema; in angry voice and disappointment, she asked the late Fred Rwigema why “he had introduced her to a man who is cold and smells the mouth.” A disappointed Judith Kansinge continued to ask the great commander why he did not at least introduce him to his handsome ADC Vedaste Kayitare.

Ikaze Iwacu readers should know that after being refused to attract any woman; Gen. Fred Rwigema tried to introduce Dictator Paul Kagame to the late Judith Kansinge who was a beautiful woman; but after their first date the late Judith Kansinge dumped the Sajya land dictator.


After receiving an invitation in 1989 to attend criminal Paul Kagame’s wedding a senior UPDF officer lamented that “it is only Satan that would marry Pilato.” 

This analogy has turned out to be true as this was a marriage from hell as the co- president of the Sajya land is the real queen of interahamwe. Queen Jeannette Nyiramongi has coordinated assassinations, corruption, money launderings etc.

The language of the Sajya land

Sajya land is the most fascinating place to live in; to get any good opportunity in Sajya land you must speak fluent Luganda a language spoken in Buganda region. This language will allow anyone to have contacts for good jobs, businesses, tenders or join the security services like DMI and NSS.

As one employee of the Rwandan Inland revenue told Ikaze Iwacu that “It doesn’t necessarily mean that if you came from Uganda you are guaranteed to get a good job; as someone who was born in Ntungamo I knew Runyankole. But once in Rwanda I forced myself to learn Luganda in order to penetrate the system; and now I have a great job.”

When you walk around Remera, Nyamirambo (biryogo), Kimisagara and parts of Kacyiro you will hear kids, men and women who are born and raised in Rwanda speaking Luganda. 

In Sajya land Luganda has become the unofficial state language; where it is the barometer for success. Ikaze Iwacu readers should know that Rucagu Boniface now speaks fluent Luganda that anyone who doesn’t know him may think that he was born or grew up in Uganda.

The Sajya Army

The Sajya army has only 4 senior officers and these are Dictator Paul Kagame, Jeannete Nyiramongi, Jack Nziza and Ivan Cyomoro; the rest are a batch of house boys, house cleaners and irrelevant who are clouded with fear and hypocrisy. Gen. 

Faustin Kayumba Nyamwasa has affirmed to what Ikaze Iwacu has been saying. In his radio Itahuka interview that was held on the 15/01/20014 Gen. Kayumba stated that “Corporal James Kabare has been traumatised by Dictator Paul Kagame as he has been slapped, caned, abused and humiliated.”


In Sajya land Lt. Ivan Cyomoro is more respected than Corporal James Kabarebe; therefore when Kabarebe releases a statement; it is a statement of a coward man overwhelmed with slaps and caning. 

In his radio Itahuka interview Gen. Kayumba Nyamwasa continued to tell listeners that “James Kabarebe is a man who will be ashamed of himself for the unethical statement he made about Karegeya.”

RDF is a fake name for Rwanda’s national army; in reality Rwanda’s army is a militia that should be called Kagame national army (KNA). Dictator Paul Kagame was able to identify his former house boys, criminals, thugs and brainless individuals and give them ranks to command the national army. Now in the Sajya land Corporal Jack Nziza is in charge of the army, a man who knows nothing about command and structure criteria.

In a report from the Zambian military academy to the Rwanda’s ministry of defence, the report stated that “Major Jack Nziza has failed all the core courses and subjects meant for command and structure of an army. 

The academy has passed him for his attendance; but he should never be allowed to head any command structure within the army.” All RDF senior officers know about criminal Jack Nziza’s military academic failures, but in the Sajya land it’s not about the literacy, discipline, love for the country and accountability; but it’s about who is the best assassin, killer, criminality and good house boy for criminal Paul Kagame.

The Sajya law

In the Sajya land; RPF cult oath is justice and Dictator Paul Kagame is the law. The 2003 constitution has been flushed through the toilets by Dictator Paul Kagame; judges in the Sajya land have to get briefings from young illiterate men from DMI in order to make judicial decisions. 

In the Sajya land judges have become members of the criminal curtail organisation; they are tools used to incarcerate innocent civilians.

A senior high court judge in Kigali told Ikaze Iwacu that “I don’t follow or practice law in this land; cases and evidences are fabrications of those who control us. It’s a shame that I am called a judge.” In the Sajya land those with dissenting voices are termed as criminals and imprisoned under fabricated cases; the case study is that of Victoire Ingabire, Deo Mushayidi and Bernard Ntaganda.

Political lies in the Sajya land

It is impossible to write about the amount of lies and political fabrications in the Sajya land. Sajya land is the capital of political lies, for example the ruler of the Sajya land won elections by 93%; in a proper election the Sajya land Dictator can’t even be voted by his own child.


But it is amusing when Rwandans listen the Sajya land dictator proclaiming that he was voted by Rwandans. What a pity from a deluded man with a criminal mind to even dream that he was voted by Rwandans. 

In the Sajya land lies is the song of its corrupt leaders. Backbiting, behind the back briefings, intrigue, fear and lack of trust is the game within the political elites in the Sajya land.

In the Sajya land there is no opposing views within the political atmosphere. The “opposition political parties” within the Sajya land are under the ampity of the RPF; political clubs such as PSD, PDI, PDC and PL etc, are under the control and guidance of the RPF political organisation. In the Sajya land the criminal elites are obsessed with lies that have blinded their mind in the assumption that the public loves them.

In the Sajya land, the RPF’s criminal elites have decided to create a blind man’s projects such as, have cows (gira inka), community justice (Gacaca), humane (agaciro), come and see (Ngwino urebe), Ubudehe, Umubonano, 202 vision and Ndi umunyarwanda. 

All these emptiness projects are meant to blind Rwandans and the international community. In the Sajya land the RPF has acclaimed the mental of a terrorist organisation. As the Sajya land Dictator Paul Kagame once said that “I am disappointed that we did not finish them all.”

Grenades in the Sajya land

Rwandans are no longer amused by the lies, fabrications and backwardness of the Sajya Dictator. On the 12th-01-2014; the Sajya land dictator demonstrated to Rwandans and the international community that he is a pathetic liar. 

It is unfortunate the Sajya ruler who is personally involved in the planning and supervising in the throwing of grenades in Kigali, in order to flame his political opponents; stands in front of the church congressional blaming his own blood plans on others.

Criminal Paul Kagame personally appointed ACP Faustin Kalisa in the police department to be in the charge of throwing grenades in Rwanda, in order to lay the blames to RPF‘s political opponents. 

The Sajya land Dictator Paul Kagame personally appointed and instructed Faustin Kalisa to be in charge of throwing these grenades around Kigali.


After being transferred from police to the army last year, Faustin Kalisa’s position was given to Dan Munyuza by Dictator Paul Kagame. When Dictator Paul Kagame goes in front of Rwandans lying that it is FDLR and other political dissidents throwing grenades in Rwanda, it shows how the Country is being ruled by the lowest individuals in the Rwandan society.

Gen. Kayumba Nyamwasa recently stated on Radio Itahuka that, “When I first saw Kagame, he was surrounded with problems, you could tell that Kagame was not even fit to be a nyumbakumi; but it is fortunate to understand destiny.” 

When dictator Kagame kills, assassinates and kidnaps; all these are signs of a week ruler that lacks confidence and capacity to lead; destine has allowed Rwanda to have a criminal and a genocider as its ruler…oh God!

The Sajya media

The most interesting phenomena in the Sajya land are the media plays, stories and articles written in the Sajya media. All the articles written in the in Sajya land are written and approved by semi-illiterate young boys at DMI safe houses. In Sajya land sensation stories are dreamed in DMI and then written into articles.

In Sajya land there is no single independent news papers or media house; everything is controlled by the Sajya ruler Paul Kagame with his two co-rulers. All independent thinking journalists are either in prison, in exile or already assassinated by the Sajya ruler. Primitivism allows the Sajya rulers to assume that assassinations and killings will allow them to rule for 100 years.

It is important to note that in the Sajya land journalists are well qualified; as one journalist in Sajya land told Ikaze Iwacu that “most of the time I edit articles written by DMI agents, or they set titles for us to write about. 

Everything we write is bullshit.” Rwandans should continue reading the Sajya land tabloids because they reflect the minds of the Sajya land rulers; where ignorance over comes substance.

Religious leaders in the Sajya land

Religious leaders in Sajya land have turned into partners in crime in conjunction with the Sajya ruler. Dictator Paul Kagame has taken the mental of a demonic religious leader and RPF is the country’s religion, with a motto of, “it is a matter of time before I kill all of you;” is this man really normal?

The Sajya land religious leaders like Bishop John Rucyahana, Sheikh Habimana Saleh, Father Ubald Rugirangoga and Bishop Smaragde Mbonyintege are all under the DMI pay role and control. The Sajya land religion is that of hate, divisionism, racism and bigotry. Lies are preached and celebrated; killers are glorified in Sajya land and assassins embraced as heroes.

In front of church goes the Sajya land killer stated that “you ought to start killing all those who oppose me.” But to every one’s surprise the church leaders overwhelmingly clapped and rejoiced. 

Sajya land is over powered by the wind of demons that even religious leaders have scummed too. The Catholic Church, Anglican Church, Adventist Church, new born churches and the Muslim masses have all been penetrated by the DMI.

In Sajya land, religious sermons are written by the unreligious assassins in DMI; religious leaders have kept quite while their members are being killed, slaved and incarcerated; as one religious leader told Ikaze Iwacu that “ We are leaving under fear and submission; I have become a coward in front of man that I can’t even protect my congregation.”


In front of unfairness, injustice, arbitral killings and assassinations religious leaders have kept quiet and even supported the perpetrators; in Sajya land there are no religious leaders but religious pagans wearing robes. 

Imagine Sheikh Habimana Saleh preaching in a mosque? This is like telling Jack Nziza or Dan Munyuza to preach the word of God or Allah. It is amazing to live in Sajya land, now even Father Ubald Rugirangoga cures and heals people of the Sajya land. Amazing!!


It is important to conclude by dedicating this special quote to criminal Paul Kagame, co-ruler Jeannette Kagame and co-ruler Jack Nziza. These words were read on behalf of Leah Karegeya during the memorial service of Col. Patrick Karegeya at St. Andrew’s Church of Uganda. 

Leah Karegeya said that, “May the blood of my husband be as sheets to those who took his life. May his death always be present in the minds of their children. May his blood cause them a nightmare at breakfast, lunch and supper.”

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